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Huber, Germany | Temperature Control Unit

Huber is the technology leader for high precision thermoregulation in research and industry. Their products ensure precise temperature control in laboratories, pilot plants and production processes.

Core Separations, USA | Supercritical extraction

Core Separations is a supplier of advanced Supercritical and Subcritical Fluid (SCF) extraction systems that harness the true power of carbon dioxide as a solvent. Their systems embody extensive experience in SCF technology, leveraged on Core Separation team’s decades of innovative and extensive supercritical fluid experience. They engineer systems to solve specific application problems.

GMM PFAUDLER NORMAG, Germany | Distillation apparatus

We are a global provider of systems for laboratory and production sectors, catering to research in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. By combining cutting-edge technologies for agitators and separation processes such as filtration and drying with components and apparatus made from corrosion-resistant materials like enamel, fluoropolymers, and alloys, we offer advanced chemical process engineering equipment.

HiP, USA | High Pressure Equipment

With 65 years of history, HiP features a broad product portfolio capable of handling pressures up to 150,000 psi of valves, fittings and tubing manufactured to the highest quality standards, delivered with the shortest lead times.

HITEC-ZANG, Germany | Lab Automation System

HITEC-ZANG researches and develops laboratory automation system programs and provides automation solutions suitable for various applications.

TEWS, Germany | Moisture Measurement System

As the market leader in high performance moisture and density measurement solutions, TEWS is at the center of today’s business. TEWS helps you streamline your processes, giving you the ability to collect and use data by applying a unique patented microwave technique across your production business. 

Chemistry & Flow Chemistry

Radleys, UK | A Synthetic Reactor

Radleys, a UK-based company, specializes in the production of scientific glassware and laboratory equipment. Their product range includes a wide variety of high-quality items such as reaction vessels, condensers, heating mantles, stirrers, and vacuum pumps. They also offer innovative solutions like parallel synthesis systems and automated reaction stations. Radleys' products are known for their exceptional quality, durability, and precision, making them ideal for chemical synthesis, process development, and scientific research. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Radleys provides reliable and efficient laboratory equipment for professionals in academia, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industries.

Vapourtec, UK | Flow Reactor

Vapourtec is a company that produces flow chemistry equipment. Flow chemistry combines chemicals and controls their reaction in a continuously flowing stream. It’s quicker, safer, more efficient – and easier to control, analyze and scale – than traditional batch chemistry. Vapourtec has installed over 630 flow chemistry systems worldwide. The company’s R-Series is the most versatile, modular flow chemistry system available today. It has been developed for the scientist who needs the reassurance of a system chosen by all the major pharma companies.

EHRFELD, Germany | Flow Reactor

EHRFELD Mikrotechnik is a company that specializes in micro reaction technology. The company offers customers an attractive combination: the flexible rapid-response capabilities of an innovative technology specialist and the comprehensive background of a prestigious globally operating company. The multifarious applicational options provided by microreaction technology and our corporate expertise in terms of flow chemistry benefit customers engaged in R&D at universities and institutions, and also, of course, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Supercritical Extraction & Special Solutions